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Full Version: 1975 NFC Playoffs Cowboys 17 Vikings 14
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1975 NFC Playoffs Cowboys 17 Vikings 14

The Cowboys win it on Roger Staubach's famous 50-yd "Hail Mary" pass to Drew Pearson, who outmaneuvers CB Nate Wright for the slightly underthrown ball, cuts underneath to make the catch on his hip, then backs into the end zone between a pair of stunned Viking defenders with 24 seconds remaining! Critics will call for offensive pass interference on the play, but IMO, Pearson had every right to come back and get the ball and the contact, while something more than incidental, was not worthy of a flag in such a critical moment. Minnesota was a great team, but they are outplayed in every phase of this game and would've been throttled again in the Super Bowl by Pittsburgh, so it's good that the wild card Cowboys get the upset win.