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Full Version: Thoughts on Quarrentine
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Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts. Myself I literally going stir crazy. I am also starting to have serious thoughts that everyday that passes we are doing more and more harm not only to our economy but eroding our society in general. 

I live by a park and I see 20 to 30 kids daily playing together. I see adults congregating. I see most of the stores still open. 

Are we just fooling ourselves with this experiment? I always get a chuckle when man thinks he can control Mother Nature. 

Should we just get things back to normal???

I'm definitely ready to get back to normal. I'm able to work from home quite efficiently, but we're flippin' KILLING this economy. 

It's a difficult situation, for sure. My gut tells me this is MAJOR overkill, that we have horribly overreacted and the damage we've done to the economy as a result has created more carnage than the virus ever could have.

But there's this little voice in the back of my head saying, "What if you're wrong? What if this course of action really DOES save thousands of lives?" And that keeps me in check. 

FWIW, I don't for a second believe it's a matter of "millions" of lives being saved. 

I will tell you this... if the government said, "Okay, get back to work full force on Monday," I'd be all in, booking flights, full speed ahead. Zero hesitation.
Depends on what you call normal. If normal is the way we behaved in the past, I’m afraid that ship has passed.

As for getting the all clear from the government to resume going back to work, keep in mind, government has a vested interest in your wage. My advice here is stay safe regardless.

As for the economy, it’s going to be a long dig out. Keep in mind, there is a very important election coming up. If government flips, it’s going to be a long time, if ever, to see things back to “normal”. Your vote is critical, more critical than it’s ever been .
I think we all have an interest in wages and their impact on America. Taxes matter but not more so than an ability to support a family.

It saddened me to see politics rear its ugly head as the world battles the virus from China. We were fortunate to fend off the attempt to add social restructuring programs to the initial legislation. I'm not sure congress has the guts to maintain that position longer term.

The $2 trillion added to our debt is a horrible price to pay for China's gift to the world. I believe tough actions are needed to fight it but a total sequestering of a population and shutting down an economy is overkill in my view. Those acts are likely to be more punishing than the cash spent.

So far only 2 of my friends, both in Chicago, have tested positive and both are recovering quickly with medication. The virus has not yet really impacted the beach. Shutting down the hotels to keep tourists away seems to have helped. The local economy is suffering and that's a difficult price to pay. But well run establishments will recover. I can't project the number of months that will pass but it will happen.

I fully agree the 2020 election is a key to that recovery. Democrat socialists and their drive for free stuff is not the answer to a stronger and healthier America. Independence, accountability and common sense are much more valuable than free stuff. I hope our citizens understand that and will vote accordingly.
I'm starting to feel a bit "upbeat". Maybe the stir-crazy madness is sinking in. Also, although it's good to error on the side of safety (and I'm glad we did to a point) I think this was overblown, big-time.

My feeling is the recovery will be between a "V" and a "U" shape, fought against every step of the way by the liberals.

I'd hold off on anymore stimulus spending but if there is it better be 100% infrastructure.
How's everyone holding up?
more time to watch steelers MP4s on this site. I'm sick of the politicians taking away our rights. I regret having fought for this country.
It's turned into a complete political hit-job. Sure, its serious no doubt but we all can't stay inside forever.

One jack-wad pundit said we should shelter at home for 5 years. Seriously?

Can you say the "United States of Venezuela". The economy is on the brink of collapse and we are printing money like there is an orchard of money trees.

I don't think (I could be wrong) this country has ever had worse leaders and I'm counting both sides of the aisle.
We have been fortunate with respect to the Wuhan virus at the beach. Minimal cases. However, the government decided to open up hotels and other short term accommodations and that likely means increased tourists from areas where the disease levels have been elevated.

Our local businesses have suffered. Take out has been offered to stem the flow at dining establishments and those spots with outside dining have begun to expand in that area. Some of the golf courses have been closed but I've been fortunate to be able to play at our course with some restrictions re cart management/cleaning, no touching of pins, no water and sand buckets on the course and bag drop guys with gloves and masks. The pro shop and dining facility have been closed. I live in mostly a retirement community and we have handled the social distancing option pretty well. Sadly I expect that to change with the tourist invasion that's likely coming. In that regard I think we will spend our time at our club and not at the local pubs and restaurants for the near term.

I firmly believe the economic impact of the virus will be more onerous than the medical issues. Certainly life is important but it's impossible to save everyone under these conditions. The economic damage will be felt for generations and has the potential to alter the Nation permanently. I believe in herd immunity, not sequestering. I grew up with parent who sent me to play with friends with chicken pox or measles. I realize those diseases are not as serious but I believe in the approach.

I don't question the actions of the President or most government officials/scientists. The calls are very tough to make when the problem is so difficult to define. The rush to push more cash into our society and create more dependency is of great concern. Individual freedom and accountability made America great. Dependency and nanny state legislation did not and will not. The idea that another $3 trillion stimulus is needed is pure greed and idiocy in my view.

Our son was fortunate to sell his business in early January. He's left his home in Charleston and moved here until he can land his next deal there. That's been good but he needs to get on with his life and I hope the government gets out of the way and allows him to do it. I think that would be a very good thing for the Nation as a whole.
Thank you so much for creating this site. With no live sports I’m currently rewatching the 1976 season. Your site has made possible for me to see games from my childhood that I never thought I’d see again.
(05-16-2020, 07:24 PM)Marc Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you so much for creating this site.  With no live sports I’m currently rewatching the 1976 season.  Your site has made possible for me to see games from my childhood that I never thought I’d see again.

Glad you're enjoying it, Marc!  Thumbsup
My wife retired after a long career in health care as an ER tech. This is her bent.

The issue is in certain parts of the country, we donnot have the capacity to handle the amount of seriously ill covid patients that require special equipment, such as respiratory tools and staffing. For instance somebody on a respirator may require as much as 7 technicians, Docs, and nursing 24-7. Keep in mind, this staff more than likely tending to more than one patient, and requires a complete scrub down after each visit. The worst cases require negative pressure rooms which are in short supply.

The main goal at this point is to that match the amount of infection to the amount of heath care resources at hand. Nobody wants to hear from a doctor, “sorry, there is nothing we can do” which is currently happening at an unacceptable rate. The rate of infection is greatly reduced by isolation, clean hands, and other measures.

These extraordinary measures, while totally a royal pain, is working and as we fine a cure, and or a vaccine, it will be over. Please be patient.
Looks like most of the states are in some form of "re-opening" stage for whatever that is worth. This entire 3 month or so debacle will be debated ad nauseum, I'm sure. Certainly I'm not smart enough to understand the dynamics and the colossal spending of debt, but I sincerely hope this is never repeated gain. The cost (both monetary, mentality, and socially) will never and can't be calculated.

The damage done is immense, not sure how long, if ever we will rebound.

God save us all.