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Full Version: The Draft
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There has been a lot of pre draft articles in the papers about who is drafting what, and a lot of them suggest the Steelers should draft a running back.

As we know, history has brought us a lot of RBs that tore it up in college, but show little NFL capability. For my two cent worth if there is a highly regarded college RB going into the draft, I would be more interested in the offensive linemen that were blocking for him. Just saying.
Hard to predict at #49 but I think they should either go C/G or RB, depending if one of the big 3 RBs fall. Interior OL seems to make most sense with Foster retiring and both Pouncey and DeCastro a little long of tooth.

We need to address RB this year or next. Not much on the roster at this position but getting Ben back and adding DJ Watt should help the run game short term.