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Full Version: 1982 Steelers 0 at Bills 13
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1982 Steelers 0 at Bills 13

Despite coming into the game as the league's top-rated passer and traditionally being a great bad-weather QB, Terry Bradshaw suffers through one of the worst performances his career (2 of 13, 3 yds, 0 TD, 2 Int, 4 sacks and a fumble) in a -20 degree Buffalo windchill. Noll mercifully decides to sit Bradshaw after a bad INT early in the 3rd quarter, but Cliff Stoudt fares little better (2 of 10 for 29 yds, 1 Int, 1 sack) as the Steelers shockingly finish the game with -2 net passing yds. The score could've been much worse if not for a spirited performance by the defense, who thwarts Buffalo threats all afternoon despite repeatedly facing a short field.