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Full Version: 1984 AFC Playoffs Steelers 24 at Broncos 17
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1984 AFC Playoffs Steelers 24 at Broncos 17

Everyone in Denver was making plans for the upcoming AFC Championship duel between John Elway and Dan Marino. SURPRISE!!! Even Craig Colquitt's first-ever blocked punt and a trio of highly uncharacteristic Gary Anderson FG misses can't stop Pittsburgh from toppling the heavily favored Broncos in front of a stunned crowd at Mile High Stadium. With just under 3 minutes remaining, safety Eric Williams picks off an ill-advised Elway pass and returns it to the Bronco 2-yard line. Three plays later, great second effort by Frank Pollard (17 carries, 107 yds, 2 TD) punches it over the goal line and secures a shocking Pittsburgh win! Features some nice pregame and postgame. 
Told ya the quality on this game was really good. One of the best old games I have.
(06-10-2017, 04:27 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Told ya the quality on this game was really good.  One of the best old games I have.

Yes, definitely a sweet upgrade, Keith! Huge thanks!


Thanks for the upload guys. My memories as a Steeler fan probably go back as far as 1983, but the 1984 season is the first season I can remember the most details about as a kid. That 1984 team was a bipolar team. They had some very impressive road wins against some very good teams like the 49ers, Raiders and Broncos. They also had some bad road losses against some awful teams as well. Some of those bad losses were heartbreakers at the end of games too. I'd say overall, this team overachieved to get to the AFC Championship game.
We met the Steelers at the hotel here but none of the big boys (Webster, Stallworth, Shell) came into the lobby. Lambert didn't make the trip. I still have the football I had signed but most of the names you can't read anymore. Rocky did a remote for WPXI that night and he talked to and signed for everyone.


This is the game when Myron Cope made his famous Christmas war cry, "Deck The Broncos/They're Just Yonkos"
(06-10-2017, 02:12 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]This is the game when Myron Cope made his famous Christmas war cry, "Deck The Broncos/They're Just Yonkos"


Fantastic! God bless Myron Cope. He is sorely missed.  Pi_heartbeating
First time I ever realized they replayed the Chief segment.  Costas breaking Ax's balls over his pick.  Roll


Part of Mark Malone's postgame interview with WPXI and former Steeler Rocky Bleier on WPXI's "Fifth Quarter" postgame was also filmed by an NFL Films cinematographer during the 1984 Pittsburgh Steelers highlight film "A New Beginning" after the Steelers defeated the Broncos
Lots of locker room interviews after the game on The Fifth Quarter, plus fan reaction from Billy's Restaurant in Troy Hill. The show ends with a highlight video set to Bob Seger's "Still the Same". As it turned out, this was the last true gasp of the glory years before the pall of the later Noll years set in (1989 excepted).

Look for an Iron City commercial with the likes of Jack Ham, J.T. Thomas, Ray Mansfield, and Dwight White. If I'm not mistaken, only Ham is still alive today.
JT Thomas is alive. He sells gourmet cheesecakes in the Pittsburgh area.
Thanks, Crash. So many of the players from the seventies have died that it's hard to keep track.
There's a version of this game on YouTube with Fleming and Cope, in case you didn't know.