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Full Version: Great "Tomlinism" answer by Mark Kaboly
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I'm not sure what the question was by the answer was great. I need to use this at work one of these days.

“Globally speaking,” unless the Steelers have “popcorn” problems and Mike Tomlin can’t convince his players that he “needs volunteers and not hostages” and “let their participation be his guide,” the Steelers have a chance to play at a “varsity level” against “nameless gray faces” and “paint the barn red” regardless of who Tomlin “leaves the light on for.” The Steelers will refuse to “live in their fears” because “excuses are the tools of the incompetent,” especially for the “thoughtfully non-rhythmic” players who are trying to “get on the moving train.” They can’t “have their catcher’s mitt out the whole game” because there is a “fine line” between “squashing grapes and drinking wine,” “obviously.” If they can tune out the “elevator music” and defend the “last blade of grass” “when the rubber meets the road,” Tomlin is going to have to say “whoa rather than sick’em,” even though he doesn’t “deal with hypotheticals,” especially after being “dead Indians in a cowboy movie for too long.”
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He does have a way with words...repeating them often, but rarely saying anything. But as Chuck  Noll said, “Treat the media like mushrooms. Keep them in the dark and feed them manure.”