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Full Version: Game day check-in - Steelers vs Texans
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Checking in and reporting for duty.

I won't watching today but the 2-0 Steelers meet the 0-2 Texans. The Texans are better than their record indicates, losing to the Chiefs and Ravens.

Likewise the Steelers have yet to face a team with a win. This one is close, possible O.T. in "The Watt Bowl".

Steelers 24

Texans 21

Here we go Steelers, here we go.
I'm in Central Texas - so the coverage is all Houston - but it's a game I get to see.

I‘ll check in, but couldn’t care less about watching the game. We have a nice State Park near by and just might go for a walk.
Just saw the James Harrison Fan Duel commercial - that gave a good chuckle
immediate 3-and-out for the Texans, and big Ben passes Iron Mike for the most games in a Steelers uniform
Ugly awkward pass to Ebron - who was WIDE OPEN over the middle
Nice first down by Juju
Juju - youngest WR ever to 200 catches
Crappy playcall on 3-and-2

Boz 35yrd fg

our shallow zone is getting torched

7-3 Texans
and WTF is LB WILLIAMS doing covering a slot receiver?!?!?!?!
ok, now that BBQ lunch is over.....

Hou 14 - Pitt 3

Dupree better hope THIS tape isnt going to be used during contract negotiations. He took the 1st qtr off. There's no pressure on Watson at all.
Nice little drive. 1st & Goal from the 6" line. Will they let Conner have it?
1st Down: Snell hits a wall. No gain
Ben smartly throws it away. 3rd & G
Conner isn't in
Whoa - intentional grounding.........
nice toss by Ben
Hey Rayne!  Talking to yourself?
2:00 minute drill time
(09-28-2020, 04:03 AM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Rayne!  Talking to yourself?

It's a sign of insanity.

Did you hear that?    Who?  Me?  No him.  Roller?  No, the other guy.....
Conner hasn't looked right this year. Slow, runs upright, collapses at first contact..... I'd love to think I'm wrong, but minus the long run last week, he hans't done much
JuJu uncovered. NO ONE covered him. Easy TD. 17-14
HOU has the ball with under a minute. Hopefully, we don't play that soft-zone BS
We're playing that soft-zone BS. With NO PASS RUSH at all
Laramy Tunsell, LT of Houston, is making Dupree look like a punk

37 seconds, they've moved 55 yards
TD Will Fuller. PITT is playing this like a fucking scrimmage
Watson is 14/18 202 yards and 2TD -- in the first 1/2
No worries . Tomlin will make adjustments Smile
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