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Full Version: 1981 Steelers 33 vs Chiefs 37
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1981 Steelers 33 vs Chiefs 37

7 Pittsburgh turnovers, 9 fumbles (5 lost), terrible place kicking (2 missed PAT's by Trout) and a host of mental errors overshadow a 300-yard passing day by Bradshaw and 100 yards receiving by Stallworth. Sidney Thornton ostensibly ends his career by coughing up the ball 3 times in a dismal 6-carry, 6-yd performance. The O-line repeatedly allows the KC front seven to penetrate literally untouched into the backfield, including on the backbreaking game-ender. Leading 33-30 with 2 minutes left, a first down inside the KC 30 and the Chiefs out of time outs, the Steelers (in spite of their avalanche of mistakes) seemingly have the game won. But as Bradshaw takes the snap and turns to hand the ball off to Franco Harris, LB Frank Manumaleuga crashes untouched through the middle of the line and hits Bradshaw before he can even hand the ball off. OLB Tom Howard (who is also untouched) scoops up the fumble and streaks 65 yards for a shocking game-winning score. Bradshaw's last gasp pass is picked off as the Steelers get off to a nightmare start to the 1981 season. Steelers fans, be warned: you'll spend much of this game wanting to punch announcer Bob Trumpy in the face. A special thanks to Matthew Simon for generously providing this classic video. 


Costas/Trumpy (aka "The Two Bobs"), the same duo that 2 years later called John Elway's NFL regular season debut as Three Rivers Stadium against our Steelers


A reporter asked Noll if Sydney Thornton had a fumbling problem. His reply was "He has problems and they are many." Ouch.
(06-19-2017, 11:05 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]A reporter asked Noll if Sydney Thornton had a fumbling problem.  His reply was "He has problems and they are many."  Ouch.

Ouch indeed! Laugh  It's a shame Sidney developed fumble-itis. I was a pretty big Thornton fan up until '81.