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Full Version: To mask or not to mask, that is the question
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A bit of irony to share with those of you who aren't on FB. My wife and I got vaccinated (first dose) two weeks ago. I got Moderna on 3/15, she got Pfizer on 3/16. We both had mild (although radically different) reactions over the next day or two. 

Now the irony. My wife, who hasn't been sick in at least 18 months (and it's probably been more than 2 years) came down with a killer "cold" by the weekend. Vaccination on a Tuesday, sniffles started Friday, bedridden Sunday through Thursday. 

She had to flippin' go get vaccinated to get sick.  Sick Eyes  Thankfully, she's on the mend and operating at about 85% today. 

She was fully masked, washed and sanitized hands, etc. and we haven't been around anyone else since then. We quarantined just in case it was COVID (we don't believe it was) and I even had to cancel my first friggin' planned business trip since December.  Eyes

Still glad we got vaccinated, but man...  Laugh  WTF???  Nerd

[Image: renee_covid_vaccine.jpg]
Well, we are trying to get signed up now, but still not luck for the vaccination.
I get mine on april 7th. I will not be getting a vaccination passport.
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