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Full Version: Remembering some Steelers: Lynn Swann's final TD catch
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The #1 pick in the best NFL draft ever that yielded (4) H.O.F.'s and an UDFA that joined the HOF as well remembers his last TD catch against the Rams (who knows what city) in 1981, a 24-0 victory. Although he didn't have longevity (retired at 30) he will always be remembered as coming up HUUUUUUUGE in big games. The pass from Brad was a little behind Swann, but he adjusted and the CB had no chance.

The 1st WR to be named as the MVP of a Super Bowl, his highlight reel is one for the ages. 

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Champions show up when it’s all on the line. Lynn obviously was a champion!

For the detractors that say Swann should not be in the Hall of Fame, it is a Hall of Fame, not a hall of statistical achievement. He belongs there as much as a player like Gayle Sayers that only played for a brief time.
You have to give Franco an assist as well. Nice blitz pick-up kept Brad clean and able to deliver the TD pass!