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Looking for a lot of QB pressures today to help our secondary.
Just got back from our walk. Looking pretty weak so far.  Embarassed We were lucky to get Ben's fumble back. Unusual for him to not feel the pressure behind him.

First regular season game I've seen live since 2019.
(09-13-2021, 12:46 AM)ironcitypat Wrote: [ -> ]Looking for a lot of QB pressures today to help our secondary.

So far, the pressure hasn't been overwhelming, but they've been flagged for several holding penalties, and that's generally a biproduct of a good rush. We've been aided by their drops and penalties, for sure.
Great job by Sutton on the attempted flea-flicker. Outstanding coverage, nice discipline.
We have a Juju sighting.   Thumbsup

Diontae Johnson down. Hope he's okay.
Some interesting motion and fakes going on under Canada.
Holy crap. Defensive holding AND PI against Claypool on 3rd down, no call.

O-Line looked pretty bad on that drive.
Josh Allen has had some serious time on a few of these deep throws. He's pretty good at extending the play and has had a few decent scrambles and designed runs, too. Luckily, he's been throwing too long on the deep balls, or they'd have at least 7 more points. 

Thankfully, they had to punt again. Time for the Steeler offense to wake up. So far, they've looked very weak and ineffective.
It's a little early to panic (9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter), but the O-line is doing nothing, Najee is completely bottled up and the receivers are NOT getting open. No separation at all.

And now a crappy punt gives them field position at the Steeler 35.
Outstanding series for the defense. Tackle for loss on 1st, pressure forces incompletion on 2nd and a sack/strip/fumble recovery on 3rd. Fantastic job by TJ Watt, earning that contract money!!!
O-line not getting it done in the running game or passing game. Najee Harris showing his inexperience a little bit receiving.

What a shame to squander the great field position TJ Watt gave us. However, after the punt, we flipped the field. They are deep in their won territory now. 

I get the feeling we're going to need a defensive score to have a shot in this game. C'mon defense, let's get a pick-6.
Defense is cranked up now. Another hold on Buffalo, and the dude had no choice, Alex Highsmith was about to kill Josh Allen.
Terrell Edmunds gives up a lot of big plays on 3rd down.
Thanks. We are getting the Jets-Panthers game in NC.
(09-13-2021, 04:20 AM)danderson400 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. We are getting the Jets-Panthers game in NC.

Dude... are they punishing you?  Embarassed Sick Laugh What a terrible matchup.
They are moving on us now. If we go down by 10, it's going to be a major problem unless the offense miraculously wakes up. The Steeler offense doesn't seem capable of picking up a first down right now, let alone scoring a TD.
(09-13-2021, 04:20 AM)danderson400 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. We are getting the Jets-Panthers game in NC.

Do you have a Firestick or a smart TV? Go to in your web browser of choice and you can watch the live feed. You'll have to click off a bunch of pop-up ads a few times during the game, but you can watch any game you want live for free.
3rd and goal, inside 5... timeout.

C'mon D, we need to hold them to 3.
Dammit. That TD throw by Allen was perfect. Can't really fault Sutton.

What a shame to give up a late TD after such a good half defensively.
Pretty frustrating. 55 yards of offense by the Steelers. 8 on the ground. Worse than terrible. The only positive is that they haven't turned it over. But they've given absolutely no help to the defense. 

Hopefully, this is just growing pains for a team with 4 new starters on the o-line. If this is who they are, this is an 8-win team at best, even with that great defense and a Hall of Fame QB.
Nice looking drive going to start the 3rd. Ben hitting Ebron, takes a shot, Ben moving around well.
Holy crap!!! What an amazing catch by Claypool!!!
Damn it. Ben got pressured into a high throw. FG try.

I'll take it. Nice to see signs of life from the offense. Several nice runs, some smart play by Ben, a couple of nice grabs by Ebron and Claypool. Right back in it.
Getting bits and pieces on NFL RedZONE - the O-line looks to be under construction. The Bills are beating Ben to his 5-step-drop.
(09-13-2021, 05:00 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]...the O-line looks to be under construction...

For sure. They've barely broken ground.
Defense playing well. TJ Watt with a nice tackle for almost no gain.
Minkah with a great play on 3rd down to break that up!
Sutton breaks up the 4th down pass, our ball!
Well... let's see if the offense can build on the success of their last drive. We need a TD here.
3rd and inches... and Najee gets it.  Thumbsup
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