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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 2 Raiders
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needed that play
Needed that! 52 yards to Claypool.
Wow! Great effort by Harris!
There we go!!! Najee gets his first TD!!!
We need to get the ball to him more on short passes. We haven't been using him enough IMO.
Dumbass Trai Turner gets ejected. Moron.
sigh, I'm sure there was a detailed description of someone's Momma
(09-20-2021, 05:31 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]sigh, I'm sure there was a detailed description of someone's Momma

Trai Turner spit at the guy. Dumbass.
C'mon, D... we need a big play. A turnover would be nice.
Thankful for the miscommunication there between Carr and the receiver. We're getting no pressure, receivers are open.
Bad pass by Carr. I'll take it. Okay, 3rd down...
Are you kidding me? Dammit... it was inevitable. 61-yard bomb. We're done.
that's a knife to the heart
We've been getting ZERO pressure on Carr since Watt went out. It's pitch and catch. Their mistakes have been saving us.

It ain't over yet... but it's damn close.

We need a quick score here.
All these f-ing passes short of the marker on 3rd down. WTF???
What an infuriating drive that was. LAME.
now we cant stop the run
Alright, I've got stuff to do. No sense in watching them run down the clock now that we've lost the ability to tackle.

Very disappointing performance. Squandered opportunity after the unexpected win last week.
Claypool is killing me: Someone has to teach him how to keep his damn feet on the ground. His technique is terrible.
still 56yrd down the center FG. Nice kick by Boswell

Longest in Hines Field history
Deeply disappointing....
The only thing that could be said is that it's still early in the season
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