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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 8 vs Browns
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WTF was that hit out of bounds???
Another flag
Sure they pick up the flag on the browns
Such bullshit.
I saw no hold by Greene.
WTF? They pick up the flag? Only with Ben.
Wizard of Boz
Would've liked to have had 7, but the Browns did exactly what we hoped for. Stupid failed 4th down try, stupid late hit penalty, gives us 3 points. I'll take it.
(11-01-2021, 03:42 AM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]I saw no hold by Greene.

Yeah, it seemed a little ticky-tack to me. But they call stuff on runs that they don't call on passes.
This game will be won by Watt. So far refs are blowing it with these phantom calls. I saw no hold by Greene.
Nice run stop there. Jammed it up.
Nice pass defense
Punting time
This Edmunds always seems a step or so late or taking a bad angle. I’d like to see them work in that safety they signed, his name escapes me now.
Need a slow drive. 7 on the board.
Let’s test their secondary.
Harris is looking good.
Nice 3 and out there. Well done, defense.
Play calling is suspect here. A run for a loss
Well, that sucked. They smothered that.
Are going to do one of these, - Let's let the browns score and play catch up in the end when it's to F^%$en late?
Well, that was a pathetic offensive series.
Nice hustle on the punt coverage.
Not liking this. There's no ergency in this game.
(11-01-2021, 03:58 AM)Cali-Steeler Wrote: [ -> ]Not liking this. There's no ergency in this game.

Well... if we play mistake-free, we have a decent shot. Because Cleveland will make bone-headed mistakes. We need to make sure we don't match them in that regard.

Keep it close, and we can win. They f--- up late. A lot.
Nice defense!
Another great defensive play. Mayfield almost to the ground
Good pressure, nice sack.
Punt time.... we need to score dam it
Nice pressure again.
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