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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 8 vs Browns
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no, no, NO< NO! RUN IT
Dammit. Why throw?
What THEEEE FUCK are we doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Terrible calls on 2nd and 3rd downs. Terrible.
Kick it now. Harvin can do it.
No flag????
I can’t watch.
Harvin has a monster leg. Show FAITH IN YOUR PLAYERS
I don't feel good about this.
oh no
No shovel.
Well.. they had me going there for a while with Harvin suiting up for that 3 point try. WTG Pat!
Huge effort by 88
Woah! Did he get it???
That was Ben’s call.
Holy shit!!!! Freiermuth!!! That was HUGE!!!

Doing that #88 justice, and he was being interfered with.

Dont like the call for 2.

This game shows HOW IMPORTANT a "lowly" kicker is
Let’s go D!
Can’t believe we’ve got the lead.
Can't get over that catch by Freiermuth. That was BIG time. Balls out. Absolute perfection.
This game shouldn’t even be close.
No let down D! Minka time.
C’mon D!!!!
Can’t we free kick???
Alright, c'mon, DEFENSE. Man, how huge would a turnover be here?

I'll settle for no score by Cleveland, but would LOVE to see a turnover/pick 6/scoop-n-score. The time seems perfect for it.

Renegade might be playing if this was in Pittsburgh, although maybe a little early.
Nice kick, nice coverage there. Good to see. Players stepping up.
C'mon, D. That guy was WIIIDE open.
This is where Mayfield is usually good for a turn over.
Minkah living in their backfield.
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