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Full Version: Ben is out tomorrow vs. the Lions
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Placed in COVID protocol.

Mason Rudolph to start.
Confirmed. Get well, Ben.

We will see what Mason can do.
The Steelers announced Saturday that Ben Roethlisberger will be placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list and will miss their Week 10 game against the Lions. Mason Rudolph will get the start in place of Roethlisberger and Dwayne Haskins will be the new backup QB.

It's the Lions. The 0-8 Lions.

Rudolph, for his career, is 201/326 (61.7 comp %) for 2,089yards (5W - 4L) 3rd year

Let's see what the kid's got.

First Tweet from #Blitzburg:
"If Mason Rudolph loses to the Lions on Sunday he should be immediately cut."
Will he be back for the Chargers game... I doubt it. Short practice week, and he would have to fly to the west coast here in L.A. where the Steelers never win in California.

Flying under Covid protocol in the NFL Would be hard in 6 days from now. This totally sucks.
I'd like to know the details of the protocol. 

If he hasn't tested positive via a legit test (not a quickie test), he should be able to play. If it's a full-blown, high accuracy positive diagnosis, then sit him.

COVID is part of all of our everyday lives now. It's like the flu in that regard. Dangerous and real, to be sure, as multiple people on this board know all too well. But it's not something we're ever gonna totally remove the risk of. Driving a car is a risk. Mountain biking is a risk. Skiing is a risk. Pretty much everything we do carries some risk. Keep fighting it, but it's time to get on with living life.
Tim agreed 100%