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.  This is going to be an ugly game.  Defense needs to really score today.  Pi_shocked

Hopefully, this will be the emergence of either Rudolph or Haskins. The Lions are coming off their bye - but they're in the 'Burgh today. Temps in the mid-30's, with a change of rain/snow mix by end of game.

Good football weather. We're coming into RB season. Let's go, Najee...
Rudolph better get the job done. Winning this game is why he's on the roster.

Strange thought, but I almost feel like this helps the other players out of the potential trap, if that makes sense. They need to rally around Rudolph, and that will hopefully help shake the emotional low of facing an 0-8 team.

It certainly levels the playing field considerably talent-wise. But the Steelers know they have to compensate for no Ben. 

Play like it's 1976 and Mike Kruczek is your QB today, men.
Nice, patient run by Najee. Like what I'm seeing early.
Another nice run. THis will set up for some playaction opportunities if we keep it up.
Hopefully, they just run the hell out of it. 150 yards rushing
Wow. Very calm and cool play by Rudolph to not only handle that high snap, but also hit the open man for a first down.
Rudolf handled that one well.

Not a great pass, but I like the willingness to take a shot.
Flag, or two or three
O=line is bullying Detroit right now. Nice, patient but intense running by Najee.
Nice runs
Man... Najee falling forward every play.
That was an ugly pass. Better safe than sorry, I guess... but a little touch, and that's 6.
Sweetness!!! Rudolph to Washington for 6!!! 

Man, Washington was WIIIIIIIIIIDE open!  Laugh
Real, real easy
Oklahoma State teammates showing that chemistry
(11-15-2021, 04:11 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]Real, real easy

Very smooth. Excellent execution, Steelers making the Lions look like an 0-8 team.
Now, let's see equal execution by the defense. Give them NOTHING.
Nice special teams tackle!

And now a false start.  Pi_bigsmile
Minkah flying in from the backside. Defense looks FRESH.
Wow, give-up play on that 3rd down draw. Weak.

Great job, defense!
9-yard pass in first down. I'll take that all day. Nice looking play.
Shoot. 3rd down pass sailed on him. Receiver was open, that was there. Missed opportunity.
Hey, we have a Terrell Edmunds sighting! Nice play for once!
OMG Edmunds actually stuffed someone
Wow, another 3rd down by Detroit run comes up short. Shocked by the conservative play call.

Punt time.
(11-15-2021, 04:27 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]OMG Edmunds actually stuffed someone

I know!  Laugh I'll take it. 

Pretty sad how remarkable it actually is to see him make a play like that.
Nice 5-yd run on first down. O-line executing well.
Nice, confident throw by Rudolph for a first down. He looks pretty sharp and comfortable so far.
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