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Full Version: Sources > Big Ben's retiring after this season
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Not sure how Credible this is.  But if true we have him for 6 more games.  This is sad. for 18 years we've got to watch him play.   I posted some pics from my seats  -  all 5 Raider games I went to below.

   As Per Adam Shefter  >

   Ben Roethlisberger privately has told former teammates and some within the organization that he expects this to be his final season playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, league sources told ESPN.

Roethlisberger has not made any such public proclamations, and likely won't, as he doesn't want the latter part of the season to be about him as Pittsburgh tries to make a playoff push.

But sources say he and those within the organization are now operating as if he is entering the final five games of his Hall-of-Fame career, with two of them fittingly coming against the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh's opponent Sunday and in the final
 regular-season game as well.

Roethlisberger is in his 18th season and the final year of his contract, he is 39 years old and turns 40 in March, and has seen all his quarterback draft classmates such as Eli Manning and Philip Rivers move on to the next chapters of their lives. He is
 expected to be next.

Roethlisberger has told many that he never would want to play anywhere other than Pittsburgh, where his time is coming to an end. It doesn't mean he couldn't surface next season in another NFL city, but that is "highly unlikely," according to one source.

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Even past his prime, the dude is still a top-shelf NFL QB and a true leader. I hope this is false.

If Ben really IS talking of retirement at the end of the season, it's because he believes the team is too far gone to contend. But if he believes there’s even an outside shot at another Super Bowl, I think he’ll come back. The dude is still productive, even with a $#!t line and undisciplined receivers.
This may be true and it may not be true. I will believe when I hear Ben say it. Too many fake new stories these days.

I do believe Ben was extremely frustrated after the Bengals game and may have said it out of frustration or disappointment. I do believe it rallied the team a little and it was nice to see the team present him with a game ball yesterday.
I know Ben has never been one for personall records or accomplishments but if this is truly his last year I hope he gets 10 more TD passes.

6. Rivers 421
7. Marino 420
8. Ben 412 (I think this includes the 2 from yesterday).

He now also has 41 4th quarter comebacks, which ties him for 2nd with Brady. P. Manny is #1 with 43.
I'd like to see him play one more year. The personal records are nice but I believe this team can be a contender with him at QB and a couple of good picks in the draft. In spite of the unfavorable press he's been saddled with, most of it undeserved, he will be a first ballot HOFer. The personal records will be icing on his cake.

Cap room should not be an issue. Juju might be retained and that would more or less solidify the wide out grouping. I think they are set at TE. DL and ILB depth is needed. Tuit's absence and Bush's decline have created problems for the defense. Boz is one of the best but I'm not sold on the punter. They have their 3 down RB and depth there is not overly difficult to build. I expect they will lose Hayden and he, even at his age, is a significant loss. Based on history they should look to free agency to fill the CB spot. They just can't seem to draft that position.

Obviously, a lot depends on the injury bug.

If the team finishes in the middle of the pack this year it's unlikely a franchise QB will be available. If the draft is deep in OL and DL candidates I'd rather see them focus there. I don't think they have the depth to give up a significant draft package to move up now for a top QB prospect. Maybe, with a successful draft, they will have built the depth to get that done in 2023,
"Unfavorable press" - try "bi-polar, schizophrenic" press. They can't decide if:
- He's washed up (the most popular story this year)
- He's having a resurgence due to Matt Canada's offense (the puke after week 1)
- He's deciding to play well because he's in his swan song

Ben's been a whipping boy since day 1. ...and he STILL has two more Lombardi's than Marino