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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 14 - Steelers at Vikings
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Once again, I have absolutely no feel for this game, but hoping for a Steelers win.
Man, the Vikings are sporting some ugly-ass uniforms.
Let’s go Steelers.
I have a good feeling
(12-10-2021, 11:24 AM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]I have a good feeling

Hope you're right, C-Town.
Edmunds standing there
No Adams????
Edmunds. Is. AWFUL.
That was close.
Way too close. Should've been 6. Dodged a bullet, because we were beaten.
Delay of game.
Fortunate they came away empty on that drive. I'll flippin' take it.
Big 3rd down and 1. Let's get it.
Nice work. Good push on the line, nice patient running by Najee.
Claypool is an idiot
Are you f---ing kidding me, Claypool? Dude is a dumb@$$.
This is all on Claypool
These receivers suck balls. Seriously, terrible. Ben hit McCloud.
Claypool needs to sit for a while
Go for it? I think so.
Big Ben, great job on the little scramble.
I’ll be honest, I’m no fan of Claypool
Man, the drop off from Najee to Snell is staggering. Terrible line play on that one, too.

O-line isn't protecting Ben tonight, either.
That should be incomplete, not a sack.
We got a challenge by Tomlin
Good, they're challenging. That was an incomplete pass.

Shame on the refs for not seeing that. Easy call.
(12-10-2021, 11:38 AM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]I’ll be honest, I’m no fan of Claypool

Agreed. Huge disappointment. He's regressed. 

When you become a running joke with even the head coach (i.e. "music in the locker room"), you know you're not getting it done.
What bull$#!t. That was an incomplete pass. The refs blow my mind. What good is review?
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