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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 15 Steelers vs Titans (and check in)
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Holeee ….
Are you kidding me??? WOW!!! Cam with the recovery!

Now... go get SEVEN!!!
Line is sooooooooooooooooo BAD!!!
Nice 6 yard run by Najee. Patient.
D# is creating turnovers in good field position all day today...
Man. Where is the run blocking? We need to stop with that bull$#!t.
Well… at least Boz is money
We need more points...
Man... good thing these turnovers have given us good field position. Offense has done nothing with it, but Boswell has taken full advantage of what he's been given.

4 turnovers, 12 points. Again, at least we've gotten something each time. 

We need another one. C'mon, D. No letdowns.
Good grief. 20 yard run.
Gaping holes. You've gotta kinda wonder why Tennessee has bothered with the pass today?

Still kinda pinching myself that we are leading this game in the 4th. Very surprised. 

C'mon, D. Get 'er done.
We need a stop. C'mon.

Nice toe tackle by Maulett.
Gotta go on 4th, right?
I think Foreman is a decoy...
Biggest play of the game and Tuszka is on the field
(12-20-2021, 06:58 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]I think Foreman is a decoy...

I was wrong.
Ugh… cmon
We needed 7 out of one of those turn overs
Defense has got to PLAY now. We need a stop. This is the season.
(12-20-2021, 07:02 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]Defense has got to PLAY now. We need a stop. This is the season.

Oh noooooo
Well... there goes our last time out. Watt hurt. Dammit.
Ben on the sideline with lemon face again. LOL
Ooooooo.... close!!!
THat's the right move. Take the down.
Alright... this is it. 4th and 6.
Haden!!!!!!! That's a game winner!!!

Generous flippin' spot. WTF?
Blown away. He is short. Joe Haden!!!!!
We win!!!!!!!
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