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Full Version: New Find: Super Bowl XIII Local Pittsburgh Postgame Coverage
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Super Bowl XIII Local Pittsburgh Postgame Coverage

A new find!

33 minutes of local Super Bowl postgame coverage featuring clips from multiple channels. 

First, Channel 4 Action News highlights with John Steigerwald and Mike Schneider, plus coverage of fan celebrations in and around Pittsburgh. 

Next, TV2 Eyewitness News coverage features Bill Proctor, John Sanders and Marlynn Singleton (celebrations in Oakland and Lawrenceville), short locker room interviews with Swann, Stallworth, Blount, Dwight White (with champagne in his eyes lol), Jack Lambert (commenting on Thomas Henderson), Joe Greene and Franco. 

Then back to Channel 4 for a hilarious Myron Cope locker room interview of John Banaszak (who is taking drags off a cigarette while discussing Mike Webster wearing a Terrible Towel), then Cope wearing a "Super Sombrero" and calling the Cowboys the "Dallas Crybabies."

Lastly, Dee Thompson with 11 Alive interviewing Franco and Tony Dorsett.
Oh!! I gotta see this!!! thanks Tim
(12-24-2021, 12:28 PM)dbsfgyd1 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh!! I gotta see this!!! thanks Tim

Myron + Banaszak = AMAZING!  Laugh
What a Christmas present! Banazak’s exchange with Cope was hilarious. So was White and his champagne eye bath.

And the two plays I could watch over and over again. On Swannie’s TD Cliff Harris’s exasperation at his failed plan to confuse Bradshaw with a false false read was palpable.

The other is on Franco’s 4th quarter TD, Ray Pinney pulling out and nailing Charlie Waters who ran into the Field Judge. Franco was pretty fast, but I’m hear to tell you, Pinney was no slow poke. He pulled one gap down, turned up field and nailed Waters before Franco could catch up.

What I find interesting is how polished these Steelers became as they aged.
I was working for Mobay then and had a business trip scheduled into FL. I found a couple of tickets at face value ( still possible back then when the scalpers get nervous) and grabbed a local customer for the game. Beautiful day, night and game.

Much better than my first game in New Orleans. Although the results were great the weather and facility were much less enjoyable.

Never wanted to go to another. Had lots of contacts in Detroit since I ran the US part of the division out of there and my wife flew the team down to Tampa. A free hotel room option in Tampa was nice but trying to get there at the last minute was just too difficult. I regret missing that game but I spent too many years in the Detroit area to want to return. Especially in the winter.
Life about 5 miles from a smaller county airport that Allegiant flies out of. I can catch a non stop to Miami for about $45 each way. Living outside of St. Louis after 17 years in Virginia, a mid winter thaw out sounds like a great idea.
Excellant, enjoyed watching it.
Man that was awesome