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Full Version: 2021 coach rankings
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Found this on another site.  I don't know if he's dead last but I feel he's toward the bottom of the stack.  Ben's been carrying his water for more than a decade.  At least we have the Rooney rule firmly in place and never had a losing season.  Yea?

By the way, neither has Ben.
I the]ink if you read into this a little deeper, IMO, what this shows is the team’s offensive and defensive lines are totally inadequate. I’n not so sure why this is the head coaches fault.

As for Ben’s part, while Tomlin’s hasn’t has winning seasons each year, neither has Ben…just saying. That said, I’m of a bent Ben certainly has been a significant catalyst in the Steelers success.
As much dislike I have for Tomlin for his coaching and inability to control his players. This list looks to be inconsistent. Bill Beli-cheat should be in the top 3 no matter what his teams record is this year.

And Tomlin should be much further down after they start voting for Coordinators. Id put him 19th in coordinator coaches. He doesn't touch the head coaching class.