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Full Version: Game Thread - Week 17 Steelers vs Browns (and check in)
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Dammit, D. We just can't get off the field here.
Nice job by Haden there.
Can’t believe they called that… horrible… WTF… really
Todays NFL is a joke
All the non-calls by these officials tonight, then on this drive, they have to rear their heads.
Multiple PIs on that drive allowed the score. The officials are a joke. Worse PI against our WRs multiple times tonight, no calls.

Recover the damn ball, and hand it Ben for a Three Rivers send off
Get on this, guys.
There it is. Minkah!
TY MINKAH. Claypool would have jumped over the damn thing
(01-04-2022, 02:30 PM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]TY MINKAH.   Claypool would have jumped over the damn thing

Ben called that
(01-04-2022, 02:31 PM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]24/46 for ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE YARDS

Yeah, crazy to waste a Hall of Famer like that. 

Can you imagine what it would be like with a lesser QB? 

Of course, we saw that in Detroit.
[Image: 3464376.jpg?resize=1024,685]
YEAHHHH!!!!!!! NAJEEEE!!!!!!!!
There is your hand off to the next generation of Steeler
I said Najee was going to break one.
Now beat the rats one more time for the final capstone!
Now let Watt get another sack.
There it is! And Ben is gonna get to do victory formation!!!
Najee 28/188
Take the helmet off, Ben
(01-04-2022, 02:38 PM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]Najee 28/188

Oh… what could’ve been…
Victory lap… emotional… ?
I will always wonder how many Lombardis Ben missed because of Tomlin and his medioce staff. I believe at least one more.
Tears shed.  Pi_cry  Thank you, Ben.  Pi_heartbeating
Harris: 188 yards, 181 after contact…! That’s Big Boy football!
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