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Full Version: Why does the NFL hate the Steelers?
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After watching some of the damn-near unwatchable coverage the NFL gives the Steelers, the following finished me off.    I'm not watching or looking at another NFL trope story until the start of Sunday night's game

The rest of the AFC had a chance to put away the Zombie Steelers … but they all failed. And so the godless monster ambles on, roaming the postseason countryside in search of a new host to feed upon. Will it be the Chiefs who send the walking dead to a final resting place? Logically, yes, Kansas City is more than equipped to handle this task -- but many of us thought the same about the TitansBrowns and Ravens. The Steelers are the creeping dread of the AFC playoff bracket -- an uninvited guest whom no one knows quite how to get rid of. 
Well, I guess the @$$hole NFL shouldn't have added that extra week and extra playoff team, eh? They made the stupid rule changes that created this situation, now they wanna bitch about it? Eyes Morons.
A league founded by well meaning sportsman, now run buy idiots! (With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)
Because we are who we are....

Haters gotta hate.