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Full Version: Game Thread - Wildcard Steelers at Chiefs (and check in)
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATT!!!!!!!!
A first half lead… not sure what to do…!?!
Touchdown Watt!!!!
We HAD to have that!!! And we got it!!!!!
(01-17-2022, 12:06 PM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]We HAD to have that!!! And we got it!!!!!

Keep the pedal down. No let up.
Edwards watching again
Emunds = spectator.
Need another mistake from the Chiefs. C'mon...
Hey ward makes a downfield tackle again
Gotta stop these screens. They killed us with these last time, need to address it.
No contain
(01-17-2022, 12:12 PM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]Hey ward makes a downfield tackle again

He was blatantly held, too.
Man!!! Watt and Cam!!!!
That's okay. It's not like we were going to shut these guys out.

We need to answer with a score before the half now.
The offense need to earn their paychecks now.
At this point in the game. - I’ll happily take 7-7
(01-17-2022, 12:16 PM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]The offense need to earn their paychecks now.

Exactly. Step up and DO YOUR JOB.
These receivers just aren’t ready for playoff football
Claypool with no separation.
Case in point… play was there too freaking DJ
Man, Najee is something.
Claypool needs to learn the position. He should have went up and got that.
I’m not going to blame Johnson, he should be on the bench.
F-ing Diontae Johnson. Dude just flat SUCKS. Easy first down, now we punt.

F--- him.
Why Tomlin favors Johnson over Washington is just another mystery. Bench that putz!
Tomlin, bench DJ.

Ben - stop throwing it to him. I think he has killed 2 drives so far alone.
These receivers are PATHETIC. Johnson has dropped 2 EASY 3rd down conversions. ROUTINE f-ing catches that every NFL receiver should be able to catch in his sleep.

Maybe he needs to start catching footballs in pregame instead of tennis balls? Dumb@$$.
Defense playing their asses off.
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