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Full Version: 1985 Steelers 42 at Buccaneers 27 Preseason
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1985 Steelers 42 at Buccaneers 27 Preseason

Game summary coming soon. A special thanks to Sean Lockyer for providing us with this game! 
I got a copy of this game from WR Frank Pokorny's father who used to work with my Dad at United Airlines here in Denver.


Just wanted to let you know there are 2 other 1985 games on YouTube. The Cowboys game is posted in full and there are 20 minutes of highlights from the Dolphins game. Quick question: Was Malone injured during the '85 season or did he lose his job due to ineffectiveness? I became a fan in '87 and Malone remains one of my least favorite Steelers but even he was better than Woodley or Scott Campbell IMO.