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Full Version: outside signings so far
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A QB, 2 OL and and corner.  The internal cuts will come.  

It appears Colbert has set the team up to draft BPA with these moves.  Assumes Tuit will be more than a no show and Alualu stays on board and healthy.  If they are lucky a solid inside LB will fall to them.
The signings so far have met a positive response. Mitch Trubisky comes in at a low salary for a QB, but contract is incentive laded. A steady but maybe not spectacular veteran IOL in Mason Cole. The real big signing was James Daniels from 'da Bears. I guess he is a beast of a guard. Also signed a pretty decent CB from the Bills in Levi Wallace. I don't think I missed anyone but the pace has been furious.

Zach Banner was just cut. Next move I think they re-sign JuJu on the cheap.

The O-Line doesn't look too bad now, they could still draft a tackle (Fallelle) is who they are looking at.
Joe Schubert just cut, Steelers sign Miles Jack, ILB, released recently from the Jags.
Witherspoon just signed 2-year deal. No details yet.
Ray-Ray signs with the 49ers.

Edmunds and JuJu still free agents.