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Full Version: Who scores the first Steeler points of the new season
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Not sure if I will be able to join the game thread so I am posting a bit early. I usually post this every new season.

Who scores first Steeler points? 

Someone else?

I am going with Bozwell.

Who is your pick?

First score: Bozwell.

First TD: Freiermuth.
Bozwell... 2nd quarter with 7 min remaining till half.

First TD - Warren 2 yard run. "He will be our 3rd and 1 back
Wildcard guess:

First Score: Cam Heyward on a safety

First TD: Pickens
well, close - it was a def TD
Minkah, that’s who!

Pick 6 and we lead 7-0!
7-3 Steelers. Watt, Cam, Minkah looking good as well as Highsmith and ‘Spoon.
More Canada college ball.
Canada sucks.
Going to get ugly if we don’t get some offense.
Punting terrible again.
Cam with the interception!!!!
Tribisky to Freirmuth!
OK, let’s get 3 and warm up Kenny.
End of 1, 10-3 Steelers.
TJ on the interception! Let’s get some offense!
Defense dominating, offense not so much.
Finally, 17-3.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!
Emotions were in check, tears flowing now.
Sutton interception! BS call in Minkah.

This should be 5 interceptions already. One called back and one called a fumble. 4 turnovers so far!
Tribusky just don’t have the accuracy Kenny does.
F’N Tribusky. Can’t keep giving Burrow the ball back.
Defense stopping the run so far.
Uh, no longer.
17-6, defense holds to a FG. Offense has to get rolling. Burrow will slice you if you give him enough chances.
Outstanding first half for the defense. Only real breakdown was the 4th down play.

Very pleasantly surprised. Minkah and Watt... just wow.  

Offense is pretty m'eh so far, only a couple of big gains on gimmick plays, but at least no turnovers.

P.S. --  Sorry for not posting more, texting back and forth with my son. Can't pass that up.
Second half will show us the character of this Offense. Hopeful they can perform.
Trivially just don’t look like he has it. Maybe I just want Kenny.
Big series coming up for the offense.
At a minimum they have to flip the field.
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