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Full Version: Claypool "high-pointing the ball"
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[Image: 39yqr527jlr91.jpg]
Worst starting WR in the NFL now - bar none.

He has no clue how to ply the position. He made it through HS and college on physical attributes alone - he's never learned to play the position.

He should be on the bench.
I'm absolutely STUNNED at what a nothing-burger he has become. Utterly worthless.
All the physical tools you could ever want, but dumb… just really freakin’ dumb… I’ve concluded he just doesn’t have the mental horsepower to “learn” the position.
2 targets 0 catches - both targets ended up being interceptions.

0 -0 0 rushing yards

I'm not sure if this guy can see or if he is coordinated? The photo above shows he is already going to the ground and the DBs are waiting for the ball. Another int credited directly to Claypool. He should have at least contested this throw. He catches we win.

Claypool makes Limas Sweed look good. And I always liked Limas.

I think he needs the bench, maybe give Boykin a shot. At least he has decent hands.
This team needs a Tomlin miracle from a coaching perspective or a couple of real good drafts over the next 2 years if they are to be competitive. My belief is Tomlin lived off Ben and the talent around him and adds little to nothing in tactics and game day decisions. I have no idea about his influence in the draft process. The miracle is unlikely at best and the Burgh better batten down the hatches for the storm.
Claypool is like a man playing against boys (with his height and weight advantage).

But the boys are winning!!!!