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Full Version: 1992 Steelers 21 vs Oilers 20
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1992 Steelers 21 vs Oilers 20

Barry Foster is absolutely superb in this battle for 1st place in the AFC Central, shredding Houston with his 6th 100 yard game of the season. Rod Woodson also comes up big, DESTROYING Warren Moon with a viciius hit on a blitz and knocking him out of the game. After a pitiful start, O'Donnell (who's earlier fumble inside the 10 gave the Oilers a 20-7 lead) gets hot late and gives the Steelers a 21-20 lead on his 10th straight completion, a TD to Eric Green. Houston battles back to set up Del Greco for a 39 yard FG to win the game on the final play, but the kick is wide left. 
After this game, we have the highlights from NFL Prime Time with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson.
(07-31-2017, 10:56 PM)Garrett Garlits Wrote: [ -> ]After this game, we have the highlights from NFL Prime Time with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson.

I've got tons of pre- and postgame footage with a lot of these '90s games. I'm starting to put together some short clips and I'll eventually create a "Clips" section for them. I've discovered that after I've exceeded my weekly allotment of game uploads, there's still some bandwidth left where I can upload these short clips. I appreciate you pointing them out in the threads wherever you see them because I plan on going back and snagging a lot of this short stuff for upload separately.
Thanks, Tim. I'm doing this mostly because I already have a lot of these games on DVD and I'm trying to figure out what I have and haven't seen. I don't worry too much about halftime because that's mostly scores and highlights, with a few exceptions. If I run across any when I rewatch the games (which I will eventually), I'll let you know, if you haven't already found them yourself by then.
This was such a great game and was really the one where Cowher and his Steelers team planted their flag on Mount AFC central in that 1992 season.
This was AFC Central football at it's finest and really had the feel of a playoff game, the crowd just sounded electric.