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Full Version: 1978 Steelers 21 at Broncos 17
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1978 Steelers 21 at Broncos 17 - better quality, edited huddles
1978 Steelers 21 at Broncos 17 - lesser quality, more complete broadcast

Bradshaw and Stallworth are superb as the Steelers jump out to 21-0 lead at Mile High Stadium in the final game of the regular seasons and then watch from the bench as the Steeler reserves hold off the Broncos in a tune up for the playoffs.

Action is highlighted by a ridiculous leaping TD grab in traffic by Stallworth, who outleaps and out-muscles two Denver defenders in the end zone to reel in a bomb from a scrambling Bradshaw. Terry, who plays only the first half, ties the NFL record for most TD passes in a season since the NFL/AFL merger on the score to Stallworth, then takes it all for himself minutes later with a scrambling across-the-grain strike to Jim Smith for his 28th TD pass of the season.

Denver comes back late in the game against Pittsburgh's second team players threatens to steal a win after a 48-yd pass interference call in the end zone on a Hail Mary puts the ball on the Steeler 1-yd line with 7 seconds left. But the Steel Curtain stuff Denver's goal line plunge as regulation ends to preserve the victory.

I have two versions of this game: One version has decent video quality initially but has severely edited huddles and deteriorates as the game progresses (flickers between color and black & white). The other version is largely unedited but the video quality is not very good.


Between the Baltimore blizzard game at Three Rivers, this game, and the playoff rematch at Three Rivers, the 1978 Steelers were the only team I can ever recall playing three consecutive Saturday games.

Heck, this was the only time I recall a team playing two consecutive Saturdays back when December had such games.

Sidenote- I miss those old late Saturday December games.


Was that Lambert that made the saving tackle at the goal line with no time left?
(06-16-2017, 02:51 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Was that Lambert that made the saving tackle at the goal line with no time left?

Yes, that was none other than Jack Lambert.  Pi_sharpteeth
Don't forget, there are bonus highlights from This Week in Pro Football on the left side of the game description!