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Full Version: 1997 Steelers 42 at Ravens 34
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1997 Steelers 42 at Ravens 34

Kordell Stewart throws for 3 second half TDs and puts the game away with an electrifying 74-yard TD run with 1:47 to play as the Steelers overcome a 21-0 first-half deficit and post a 42-34 victory over the hated Ravens. Pittsburgh trails 24-7 at halftime as the Ravens turn Stewart's three interceptions into 21 points, but the tide turns when Will Blackwell fakes a reverse on the second-half kickoff and races 97 yds for a TD to open the 3rd quarter. From that point on, Stewart (18 of 28, 246 yds, 3 TD passes, 3 INT, 6 runs, 78 yds, 2 TD runs) and the Steelers dominate. In addition to a 28 carry, 137-yd performance by Bettis, this game also features one of the more questionable coaching calls of Cohwer's career. Leading 42-32 with 11 seconds remaining, Cowher elects to take a safety, narrowing to score to 42-34. So instead of needing a TD and a FG to win, suddenly, the Ravens are in position to tie with a TD and 2 point conversion. Fortunately, Testeverde throws a pick at the Steeler 10 as time expires. Also features the famous Cowher/Kordell kiss. LOL.   Laugh
Vinny being Vinny.

Thank God we didn't sign him in 1993 like some in the front office wanted to do.
And I didn't understand that safety either. My Mom even said, "Didn't they teach Cowher how to do math?"

She was sharp as a tack when it came to sports.
And thank God they got rid of the black letters on the away jersey's after 1997.
(08-08-2017, 06:06 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Vinny being Vinny.  



(08-09-2017, 08:23 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-08-2017, 06:06 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Vinny being Vinny.  

Vinny Testeverde was the Tony Romo of the 90's


Who would you rather have as you're QB Vinny Testeverde or Tony Romo? Remember both are epic choke artists.
(08-11-2017, 06:07 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Who would you rather have as you're QB Vinny Testeverde or Tony Romo? Remember both are epic choke artists.

Oh, man... what a horrible choice to have to make!  Sick

I'd prefer Vinnie, I suppose... but prefer isn't really the right word.  Pi_freak
Before the game, we have a segment from an unknown ESPN panel show (Mark Malone hosted) and a Phil Simms interview with Kordell Stewart. After the game, Jim Gray interviews Kordell, and we have highlights from NFL Primetime and TNT, plus a segment from NFL Prime Monday the next evening breaking down Kordell's big day.
Still a fun game to watch...  Smokin  Thumbsup