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Full Version: 1979 Steelers 17 vs Colts 13
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1979 Steelers 17 vs Colts 13

A VERY entertaining game with lots of big plays. Things look bleak early as Baltimore picks off Bradshaw's first pass and the already inury-plagued Steelers lose both Harris & Swann to injuries early in the game. But Bradshaw, always resilient, bounces back to have a truly outstanding game (19 of 29, 249 yards, 2 TDs) & Sidney Thornton plays the finest game of his short career (129 yards on 13 carries, including a great 75-yard burst). HOFers Jack Ham & Jack Lambert each come up with clutch drive-ending interceptions inside the 10 yard line, but the Colts play surprisingly well against the Steel Curtain and the game isn't safe until the final gun. The Steelers win on a late razzle-dazzle TE screen in which Cunningham intentionally falls down and linemen pretend to miss blocks as the play flows right, then the TE and his blockers suddenly sprint left and Bradshaw throws back across the field to Cunningham, who rumbles 28-yds behind his blockers for the game-winning TD. 
Good game. Basically the 2nd string playing most of the game. Why did Lambert intercept that deep pass on 4th down? Knock it down and save some field position.