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Full Version: 1996 AFC Playoffs Steelers 42 vs Colts 14
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1996 AFC Playoffs Steelers 42 vs Colts 14

A second half slaughter. Anyone hoping for a repeat of the drama witnessed in the '95 version of this game was sorely disappointed... but being a Steeler freak, I was delighted with the outcome. The highlight for me is an incredible play by Rod Woodson at the 50:56 mark where he is unable to get position to tackle Hall of Fame RB Marshall Faulk, so Rod actually picks up Hall of Fame WR Marvin Harrison -- who is attempting to block him -- and uses Harrison's body to slam Faulk to the ground! The Colt's actually lead 14-13 at halftime, but Indy is limited to only 22 total yards while being outscored 29-0 in the second half. The Steelers offense is led by running back Jerome Bettis, who plows for 102 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries and when it's all said & done, the total yardage is 407-146 in favor of the Steelers. 
Hall of Famer Faulk: 12 touches, 35 yards 0 Tds
Hall of Famer Bettis: 26 touches, 106 yards, 2 Tds
Before the game, we have features from both ESPN and NBC about Kordell Stewart.

We join halftime in progress with Joe Gibbs and Mike Ditka offering their halftime adjustments.
After the game, Jim Gray interviews Kordell Stewart and Jerome Bettis, Randy Cross interviews Chad Brown, and we have a highlights and analysis package from NFL Prime Time.