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Full Version: OT - SCOTUS
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Just giving this some thought, how many justices do you think will need to be replaced in the next 3 years? Who might be in need of replacing: Thomas (hinting of retirement), Kennedy ( also retirement). Bader-Ginburg (very fraile)
BG has a problem staying awake at functions. She should be the first to go.
Ginsberg is getting the Weekend at Bernie's treatment....
Rumor in DC that Kennedy is considering retirement at the end of this session or next year. That would give Trump another justice and push the court into solid conservative hands. A good thing to help make America great again.
I was highly disappointed Kennedy didn't call it a career on Monday. I'd like to see Kennedy, Ginsberg, and Thomas retire so have Trump set the court for the next 35 to 40 years.
Kennedy announced. A major opportunity for Trump to continue to make America great. A young conservative justice is needed. Reid set the table for a simple majority to make it work. I hope Trump gets it done.

If Ginzberg would just wake up for a moment she might also realize the world is passing her by and retire. That would be ideal.

Kennedy will exacerbate Trump hate. Ginzberg would put them over the top.
The dems have turned this once honored process into a circus side show. For the life of me I don't know who can support them.

A few of their platform planks:

1.) Abortion on-demand.
2.) End Ice.
3.) Socialist society.
4.) Unending raising of taxes.
5). Minority rule.
6.) No borders.
7.) Weak military.
8.) Job choking/ ending regulations.

Etc., etc., etc.
Anita Hill redux. The maneuver with Kavanaugh is just another dirty trick out of the democrat playbook. They have no real plan for America other than divide and create hate. They have no soul. America finally has a business man successfully running our Nation and democrat socialists can only whine and resist. Resisting success, now there's a winning strategy for those with minimal brain cells.

The November election is very important for America and her citizens. I hope the majority votes their wallets and we can continue to help Trump keep us on a winning track.
Oh, they have a plan alright. Socialism and minority rule. See items 1 - 8 above.
The Kavanaugh hearing was little more than a witch hunt. The man has been under the FBI scope 6 times already. Not a hint of an issue arose.

The extreme and ugly side of democrat politics was on full display for the Nation. I hope enough voters saw through their sham, realized the ugly nature of their character and will vote for conservatives in November.

I believe the story Ford told did not hold water. I won't say she lied. Something may have happened to her. I will say, considering the lack of data or witnesses to back her story, she should have kept her pie hole shut.
The behavior of the Senate during the Kavanaugh confirmation process has been the most disgusting political display I've seen in my lifetime. Dirty tricks, win at all costs, heartlessly destroying the lives and families and careers of good people along the way... absolutely grotesque.
This hearing is a national embarrassment, and those involved, the Democrats that brought this on, as well as the spineless Republicans that allowed this to continue, need to be held accountable.

Frankly, they all need to go. I don’t give a rats how much you love your Senators or Congressman, they all have a part in this and they ALL need to go. Sending them back expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
Unfortunately democrat socialist stupidity with respect to Kavanaugh and their personal attacks on public figures did not help the GOP hold the house. I fear this will result in millions of tax dollars wasted on investigations and allegations that will lead to little more than more separation in our Nation.

The only bright spot from the mid terms seems to be the added GOP presence in the senate. If/when some of the older judges go that should make it easier for Trump to continue to move the court to the right. Politicians and politics come and go but court appointments most often impact our Nation for decades.
Ginsburg fell in her office and was hospitalized. If she's not able to continue democrat socialists will be pushed further into madness as Trump will get to nominate yet another conservative to the court. What happened to her is unfortunate but she's shown signs of weakness during several public forums.
I hope Ginsburg retires, but she won't.
Ginsberg was in for cancer surgery over the last week or so.  At least that's what I saw on a quick tv blurb during vacation.  I hope she opts to retire in 2019.  Two hospitalizations this year should be a firm signal to her that she's pushing the envelope. 

We need another conservative on the court.  Roberts cannot be counted among a group of true conservatives.  The new senate majority should ease approval for Trump's next pick.
No doubt this political POS is pushing the envelope. In 2016 she went political against Trump. She'll wait and wait hoping a socialist is elected in 2020. I hate this POS.

Roberts AND Kavanuagh are proving to be wildcards. I never would have selected Kavanaugh, I would have went with Amy Barrett or Hardaway.
The final countdown......

I wonder if she will show for the next session in Feb? If not, I doubt she has the class to retire. I imagine she will "work from home" until 2020 and hope democrat socialists take the white house. If that fails we may truly see a weekend at Bernie's act for the future. Liberals will love that. Accountability is never their strong suit.

She's a prime example of why lifetime appointments are a bad idea.
Funny no recent new on RBG. Maybe the clock is ticking....

We need at least 1 more young strong conservative on the bench. Barret, Hardaman, etc....