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Full Version: 2005 Steelers 21 vs Bears 9
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2005 Steelers 21 vs Bears 9

Rarely can a Hall of Fame career be summed up in a single play. But needing a win to keep Pittsburgh's playoff hopes alive against Chicago's #1-rated defense in blizzard conditions, Jerome Bettis delivers such a play (at the 86:52 mark) in a collision that symbolizes not only his great 13-year career, but a generation of smashmouth football in Pittsburgh. As Bettis takes the handoff, All-Pro LB Brian Urlacher stands his ground inside the 5-yd line and braces himself to meet the hard-charging running back. Free safety Michael Green hits Bettis first and immediately crumbles harmlessly to the ground. And then, all 260-pounds of Bettis smashes into Urlacher head on... and keeps right on going. Urlacher hangs on as the Bus runs over/through him, but Bettis simply drags him along as he powers into the end zone. Bettis finishes the day with 101 yds on 17 carries and 2 TDs, and while this game marks the final 100-yd performance of Bettis' career, it also marks the beginning of Pittsburgh's amazing 8-game winning streak en route to their 5th Lombardi Trophy. Perhaps best of all, this was also the first Steelers game my then-9-year-old son, Craig, ever attended with me. Great times, great win! 
61st and final regular season 100+ yard rushing game for the Bus (5th all-time ). 14 more than former Steeler great Franco Harris.
Before this game Steeler Nation was discouraged.