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5 yr $60 million extension signed.  That's the last piece for 2017.  Time to win another Lombardi.
(09-10-2017, 07:27 AM)sandfan Wrote: [ -> ]5 yr $60 million extension signed.  That's the last piece for 2017.  Time to win another Lombardi.

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Wow he's gonna use all that money and get fat... Finally we'll get Around Tuitt.
(09-11-2017, 02:08 AM)McSteeler Wrote: [ -> ]Finally we'll get Around Tuitt.

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I'm sorry....LOL
He's injured, arm.
Torn bicep.

(09-11-2017, 11:27 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Torn bicep.


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Damn shame, hope he gets back this season.
This sucks! Most likely done for the season... Cant we ever have everyone healthy for one dam season?
Great news (I think), Tuitt week to week:

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Thank god! I hope they don't bring him back too fast... They need to stay healthy all season >
Over on an different site, an orthopedic surgeon explained what likely happened, complete with pictures. If you didn't see it, this injury is the long bicep tendon at the rotator cuff, and is likely a very small tear. Last summer I was playing kick ball with the grand kids and from a dead stop started sprinting for home from 3rd base. When I sprint, my right hand shoots up in the air, and when it did, I got a partial tear with the upper long muscle tendon. Being the schmuck that I am about these things treated it with ice and rest as I had no mobility issues, with very little loss of strength, it just hurt like the dickens. After a few months I finally got a shot of cortisone which took care of it, along with an recurring case of golfer's elbow, and an arthritic condition in my right thumb. Tuitt will be fine, and expect him to be back next week.