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Full Version: 1998 Steelers 16 at Lions 19 OT (Coin Toss Game)
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1998 Steelers 16 at Lions 19 OT - Coin Toss Game

The infamous "Coin Toss" game. Barry Sanders is held to only 33 yards on 20 carries as Pittsburgh's defense dominates for 3 quarters before rookie QB Charlie Batch ignites the Lions' offense. A game that is poorly officiated start to finish takes an even more bizarre twist on the coin toss before overtime, when Jerome Bettis clearly calls tails as the coin is in the air, only to have referee Phil Luckett award the ball to the Lions after the coin lands tails. Luckett later claims Bettis originally called heads and changed his mind. Television replays tell a different story. In a season full of disappointment for the Steelers, they at least manage to score a major victory for the fans... the return of instant replay.
Unbelievably inept officiating. Both teams got jobbed.

Terrible spot on that Bettis run w/ 20 seconds left in regulation. Got that first down by 1/2 a yard or more.
At halftime, analysis of the first half from The NFL Today, plus college basketball highlights, a preview of the postgame show, and a cooking segment where Tony Siragusa, then playing for the Ravens, shows Jim Nantz how to deep-fry a turkey. (I hope they didn't actually eat the poor bird that they tried to cook on camera.)

From the Silverdome, a brief glimpse of the United Way-themed halftime show, plus a humorous look at the origins of Phil Simms' "Iron Man Award". (You'll see what I mean when you watch it.)