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If you are not a ticket holder or local there will be a lot of opportunities to watch the Steelers on national tv this season.  A good thing for a lot of fans who don't have the ability to see the games in person.  

The bye week in the middle of the season seems to be a positive but the value of the bye timing really depends on when injuries or suspensions occur.  The schedule seems soft at the beginning but we all know tomlin seems to crap the bed at least once a season vs a team with less talent so that may not be the advantage some experts suggest. 

I hope to watch some of the draft but my son has started a new business in the Charleston area and I may be called upon for assistance for several days over the next 2 weeks.  I expect more of the status quo in the draft.  No major trades and our best player available via a rapid run up with the choice.  I never understood the quick trigger but it's been successful so it's hard to dispute.
The first half we only have 3 home games... Wow. Second half 3 away games.

At least for the brutal second half we will be mostly at home. We'll need it! We will see if Coach Dumblin, can figure the Patriots out. I doubt it.
I see a t 6-2 first 8 games and 5-3 the last 8 games.

11-5 overall.
Wow, second half shows 4 night games followed bu 2 4:00 games. IIRC correctly the Steelers are very good in prime time. This could be an advantage.
ESPN predictsan 10-6 record for the Steelers:
19-0, baby.  Cool02 Thumbsup Smokin Glasses
I get so tired of the prime time games. They cause so much sleep deprivation in our house.

"Dumblin" figuring out Belichik's Patriots. Ha. There are literally 50 head coaches who have failed in that category. The only one I know who succeeded was fired.
I love the prime time games (course I live out west). Nothing better than turning on the Steelers at 6:00 PM for a game that usually is done around 9:30 or so.

Also, Sunday games are great, starting at 10:00 out west and done by 1:00. You still have the whole afternoon and evening free.

Move west, young man!
Ha! I do miss the camping and skiing.

I don't miss the Sunday 10AM kickoffs. Back in the days before DVRs, I'd have to choose between Steelers and church!
(04-22-2017, 12:47 AM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]I see a t 6-2 first 8 games and 5-3 the last 8 games.

11-5 overall.


Hi Chucky !!! 

We lose to:

Ravens (once)
Bengals (once) 
@ Chiefs
@ Colts
@ Texans
... and one other sub-.500 team 

8-8 ... 

10-6 if we beat the Packers at home and one of the above three road games ...
10-6.  Win the North, then Tomlin plays Belicheck.  Scared