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Full Version: 1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17
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1979 Steelers 37 vs Bengals 17

Sweet revenge! Lynn Swann drops a short pass to open the game... and then proceeds to completely eviscerate the Bengals with 5 catches for nearly 200 yards! Swannie sets a career high for receiving yards, scores a pair of TD's and sets up another score as he runs seemingly unopposed through the Bengal secondary, averaging over 35 yards a catch en route to an easy Steelers victory. The Steelers, clearly intent on extracting some serious revenge for Cinci's shocking 34-10 upset earlier in the season, just pour it on. Bradshaw throws for 339 yards and 2 TDs while Franco and Rocky each add rushing TDs. For whatever reason, Franco Harris appears to be running especially aggressively in this game, running through would-be tacklers rather than heading out of bounds in typical Franco fashion. 
The Lynn Swan game.
(08-13-2017, 12:21 AM)Bobcat29 Wrote: [ -> ]The Lynn Swan game.

Indeed. I read an article somewhere where Terry said he was intentionally feeding Swann in this game. Lynn had a very difficult '79 season and fought injuries all year long, in particular a hamstring issue which plagued him all year and hampered his speed. Bradshaw said Swann was already frustrated coming into this game, even more so after he uncharacteristically dropped the first pass Terry threw to him. So Bradshaw decided to just kept sending Swann deep and forcing the ball to him. I'd say it worked pretty well.  Laugh


This is the coolest channel ever! Wish there was one for the buccos too
We can do Penguins if Tim eventually wants too. I have every game of the Crosby Era five feet from me.
I'd like to see a Penguins channel if you guys can work it out without getting in trouble. I'd watch a Pirates channel too, but with the way they've stunk since videotape became common, you'll have a hard time getting content people want to see beyond the two World Series wins (1971, 1979) that are available, plus the '79 NLCS. I'm weird in that I'll even watch bad losses just to see my favorite teams, but there aren't too many others like me out there.