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Full Version: 1976 Steelers 31 vs Browns 14
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1976 Steelers 31 vs Browns 14

Lambert is ferocious, and Franco (118 yds & 1 TD on 25 carries) is unstoppable late in the game. Bradshaw, possibly bothered by the absence of the injured Swann, struggles mightily early in the game and Cleveland leads 14-0 at the half, so it's up to the defense to pull it out. Enter Jack Lambert. It's easy to see why Lambert was the 1976 NFL defensive player of the year. Aside from forcing 2 fumbles, Jack seems to be in on every tackle and his legs are pumping furiously before every snap. But Lambert's most remarkable play comes when Hall of Fame receiver Paul Warfield catches a pass over the middle and is streaking for a huge Cleveland gain. Incredibly, Lambert not only runs the speedy Warfield down from behind, but also rips the ball away and Ham recovers for Pittsburgh. Unbelievable stuff. Edited huddles, but very nice video quality.
Lambert IMO is the best middle linebacker ever to play. He covered running backs one on one in the flat. He also could cover wide receivers 20 yards downfield. Before him that was unheard of. The people who rate pile jumper Ray Lewis ahead of Lambert make me sick.

Ray the Knife couldn't carry Jack Lambert's shoulder pads for him while walking up to the dorms at St. Vincent's after practice.
(05-19-2017, 06:04 PM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Lambert IMO is the best middle linebacker ever to play.  He covered running backs one on one in the flat.  He also could cover wide receivers 20 yards downfield.  Before him that was unheard of.  

Agreed, his ability to cover the pass is what really set him apart. The same is true of Ham. Both men were incredible in pass coverage. Nobody got a deeper drop than Jack Lambert (see game saving INT in SB XIV). People think of Lambert as the intimidator with all the bluster and emotion, and that stuff is certainly true. But he also was about as close to a technically perfect linebacker as you can get... surpassed in that regard perhaps only by Jack Ham.
man Bradshaw was so good LOL
(03-04-2018, 11:14 AM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]man Bradshaw was so good  LOL

Laugh Hey, now... 

This is among the worst games I've seen Terry play, especially that stinker of a first half. It's like when you're playing with your dog and he gets too excited, and all of the sudden he gets "wild eyes" and just goes crazy. That was Terry in this game. Didn't matter what the coverage was, didn't matter what the situation was... he was going to rifle that ball in there. Triple coverage? Who cares! Terry's got "wild eyes" and is behaving like a rookie! Just throw it into coverage as hard as you can, Terry! Laugh It's like he forgot everything he learned/accomplished in 1975.

And yet... somehow, the guy pulls it together, starts calling a decent game and is responsible for 3 scores in the 2nd half. That's Bradshaw.  Wavehello