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Full Version: Week 3: Steelers at Bears Official Gameday Thread
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For the love of Pete... it's first and goal from the 1. Run the f-ing ball!
Thank you. Finally!
I am pretty much an army of one here today. Nice.
(09-25-2017, 05:13 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]I am pretty much an army of one here today. Nice.

I'm here reading your posts, just watching the game in a different room than my computer.
All these missed F-ing tackles today. Chickallo... Shazier... Dupree.

For crying out loud, get Debo in there!
Shazier doesn't tackle anymore. He just runs by the play like a blur and sticks his arm out.
Chickallo is getting OWNED on the outside.
We desperately need another turnover. C'mon, D.  Pi_sharpteeth
And there it is! Turnover! Sweeeeeeet!!!!
Dammit, Bell! Catch the f-ing ball!
Suck ass red zone offense.
I don't know how many times Bryant has been targeted, but it's a LOT and he only has 2 catches. Should've had a TD on Ben's first throw.

What a disappointment. Step the F UP, dude!
3 & out. Now let's go win this, please.
And a hold to start the drive. Wonderful.
LOL! Nice hurdle by Bell!
This offense... man, we just suck. No rhythm. No strategy. Nothing. Lame.
Okay, defense. It's up to you. Go win this.
Shazier, that was a NICE tackle. Well done.
I hate this offense. Truly. Haley, you suck balls.
Terrible hold! How do you miss that??????

Joe Haden got tackled on that play!
That was a brutal hold. Brutal
Artie Burns, WTF are you doing???? You run up and instead of pluggung the hole and tackling the guy, you hug your teammates back? WTF?
Ryan Shazier, you sucked today. Bite on every fake and take yourself out of position. One good tackle all day.

Haley, you suck. Bryant, you suck. Steelers, you suck.

You hid in the locker room and never came out.
F'N Quitters
Quitters all. horrible coaching and prep.. No heart. done stay in the locker room
20 points or less on offense in 16 of their last 25 road games.

When you hire a loser like Todd Haley?

You become one.

Ben should say it's either Haley or me. If you don't fire him I'm retired.

It's time.
This is officially the last gameday thread. Not enough participation.
This game sucked rocks! Totally unprepared once again! I guess they thought the bears would roll over? WTF!

Totally conservative in overtime and also thought the defense was out of place for the last few minutes of the game.

Is this on the defensive coordinator? Tacking also sucked all day long... Your thoughts?
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