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Full Version: 1997 Steelers 24 at Patriots 21 OT
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1997 Steelers 24 at Patriots 21 OT

Facing a seemingly insurmountable 21-13 deficit late in the 4th quarter, Kevin Henry makes the play of the season when he intercepts Drew Bledsoe at the Patriots 41-yd line and returns it to the Patriot 18. Then, on 4th-and-7, Yancey Thigpen makes an incredible diving grab while barely keeping both feet inbounds at the 4 with a minute to go. Two plays later, Stewart rolls right and tosses a 1-yard TD to Bruener, cutting the deficit to 21-19 with 38 seconds remaining. Stewart rolls right again on the conversion attempt and lofts a pass to Thigpen, who makes the sliding grab in the back of the end zone to tie the game. Norm Johnson kicks a 44 yarder in overtime to seal a thriller. 
Great game; 1:32:29 Woolford hold wipes out 49-yard screen to Bettis. Would have been the longest reception of this career. Pretty marginal hold. Tough one.