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Full Version: 2008 Steelers 31 vs Browns 0
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2008 Steelers 31 vs Browns 0

The biggest news in what otherwise amounts to a dress rehearsal for the playoffs is a scary moment when Big Ben, who is only slated to play in the first half, sustains a consussion after being leveled by Willie McGinest and D'Qwell Jackson on a borderline late hit. After 15 agonizing minutes of lying motionless on the turf, Ben leaves the field strapped to a stretcher, flashing a brief "thumbs up." Thankfully, none of his injuries prove to be serious. With the Steelers focused on running, Willie Parker has a good day, rushing for 116 yds including a speedy 34-yd TD run down the right sideline. Meanwhile, the Steeler defense simply throttles Cleveland, allowing only 26 passing yds the entire game. Yes, that's a real stat! Cleveland QB Bruce Gradkowski is sacked 3 times and completes only 5 of 16 passes for 18 yds and 2 INTs (a passer rating of 1.0) and Josh Cribbs hits an option pass for 8 yards. Browns head coach Romeo Crennel, after going 0-8 against Pittburgh in Cleveland, is fired the following day. 
nice run by Lefty!!