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Full Version: Steeler pass defense #1 in the league
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For now. Lions, Packers ( although without Rodgers, still potent) and the Pats left to play. I will say, this is the best this defense we’ve fielded in a long time. As for our rush defense, it’s coming along and I suspect if we remain healthy, should be in the top 5 by year end.
I'd like to see JJ Wilcox in the mix a bit more. Also, nice to see Gay getting a little time but hard to keep Hilton off the field.
Wilcox packs a wallop for sure, but if he’s in, who sits?

And, how ‘bout the forgotten man, Cam Sutton? Look for this kid to hit the field here shortly.

On second thought, maybe the team would be better off putting him on IR. The chemistry on defense has been working well, so unless there is an injury... maybe he’s a red shirt..

Anybody have anything on Sutton?
I'd sit Mike Mitchell and play JJ Wilcox. For every play Mitchell makes he makes 5 or 6 bad ones. He a penalty machine.
RE: Mitchell

$46k in fines from the KC game.
I saw him have a melt down with back-to-back 15-yarders in a play-off game when he was with the Panthers. He has nothing from the neck up, but I think Tomlin likes him as the enforcer of the defense.