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Full Version: In the Newssome teammates of a different race
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It seems like Virginia has been getting in the national news a lot lately, and in cases quite close to home. The first was at Charlottesville over the summer, where there was a white surpremisist demonstration which of course broke out into violence. The was a state police helicopter that day providing help that crashed killing the pilot, who lived just around the corner from us in our subdivision, and his funeral held at my church. It is a tragic loss.

We now have an episode at a middle school in a rather upscale part of the area of kids being kids and doing incredibly,  stupid, and harmful things. A few unsupervised football players assaulted some fellow teamates of another race, performing lewd gestures and offering nasty racial comments, all captured on video. Well, this also happens to be where the commercial band I play in rehearses. Our leader is the middle school band director.

I’m about to move to a mountain top in Outer Mongolia....or maybe New Zealand.....
There are certainly bad people all across the the globe. I have relocated a few times with my company and have found the best of the human race and unfortunately the worst of the human race. I hope to be in the former and not the latter.