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Full Version: well here we go
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Another game that shouldn't be much of a game.  This team scares the hell out of me when these kinds of games come up.  I don't even make any predictions on these games anymore.  Three point win against indy?  Blow out the Titans?  I give up
Agreed! Green Bays Defense could give us a scare. Ben needs to get rid of the ball quickly. We don't need more injuries
"We don't need more injuries"

No truer words have been spoken

With Juju out with a hamstring, let see if Mar-token' steps up.  He'll have opportunities.  The Ravens embarrassed them last week.
We had them all the way!

Great to see Shazier come back in the game.
Green Bay is a really solid, deep, well coached team. I’m not surprised at all how the game went. Pretty much we dared their 2nd string QB to beat us, and he almost did, until he didn’t. The yips got him when they tried to close out the game.

Now if you want to make a wager, my money says Davis would not have been hugging the LOS with Rogers at QB, and we would have been running the ball chewing up the clock.