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Full Version: Why?
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If your Bellichek coaching against the Pats do you allow Gronkowski to kill you on the last drive?  Do you?  
Why was Bryant not on the field and Bey was? 
Why do you tell your QB to NOT spike the ball?
Why is Nix and an extra offensive lineman on the field  when your offense has been clicking?  

I guess I'm a Tomlin hater
I was not at the game and have only seen highlights. What I'd like to understand is what Tomlin and Haley were doing while the zebras were making their decision re the catch. I feel they should have set up at least 2 plays during that stretch.

A pass into the end zone to win the game and if that failed another to try it again or kick the 3 points. Instead what appeared to evolve was a fire drill.

Many want to put that entirely on Ben. I suggest Tomlin and Haley may have had brain farts. If you were at the game and witnessed what occurred on the sideline, please share it.
Because Haley has to make it all about him.

He actually thinks teams are terrified when Nix and his offensive linemen playing tackle are on the field.

Three red zone plays, Bryant off the field, in a game Brown was hurt.

Again, Toddy makes it all about HIM.