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Full Version: Snap counts
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Brown out injured most of the game.  

Snap counts:

Bryant 36

Heyward-Bey 31

DHB had 42 snaps, ALL SEASON before yesterday.  

And then he gets 31 when Brown gets hurt?


Only Todd Haley knows.  



Justin Hunter, who had the better camp, was inactive, right? Martavis had a solid first half ...

Go ahead and TRY to figure out Mike Tomlin ... he's as dumb as they come ...
Haley runs the offense. He controls who goes on the field.

Has since the day he got here, with ownership's full backing.
Martavis Bryant was also off the field on the 3rd down play to JuJU right before the Pats took the lead.

Again, brilliant coaching by Todd Haley.