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Full Version: 2007 Steelers 38 vs Ravens 7 MNF
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2007 Steelers 38 vs Ravens 7 MNF

Ben Roethlisberger puts on a clinic of escapability, accuracy and poise, hitting 13 of 16 for 209 yds and a record 5 first half TDs as the Steelers utterly annihilate the Ravens on a rainy Monday Night in Pittsburgh. Santonio Holmes snags 4 receptions for 110 yds and 2 TDs and Nate Washington also hauls in a pair of TD catches. Meanwhile, LB James Harrison goes absolutely berserk, victimizing Baltimore for 3 1/2 sacks, forcing three fumbles (one of which he also recovers) and intercepting a pass as the Steeler defense, wearing their '60s-era throwback unis, holds Baltimore to their lowest offensive output in franchise history (104 yds) and forces 4 turnovers. Steve McNair goes 13 of 22 for only 63 yds and is sacked 5 times before Kyle Boller comes in and goes 3 of 9 for 21 yds and a sack. An stunningly beautiful win over a HATED opponent. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for generously providing us with this game. 
Harrison is an absolute glitch in this game. All of Bens TDs were beautiful too
(12-24-2017, 05:49 PM)SimplySonder Wrote: [ -> ]Harrison is an absolute glitch in this game. All of Bens TDs were beautiful too

Oh, yes... out of this world performance by Harrison. 2007 was James' first year as a starter with Tomlin in and Porter gone, and this was the game that kinda made everyone really take notice of James and go, "Joey who?" No offense to Porter, who was also a great LB and I loved the guy. But Harrison took it to a whole other level. James is a Hall of Fame player in my opinion. Not sure what the future holds there since I think a lot of the voting sports media was somewhat afraid of James, but I believe he earned it on the field.
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