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Full Version: Mike MItchell on the win
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Proves to me Mitchell is more of an a$$hole than I even thought.

No Ben, Bell, Brown, DeCastro, Pouncey, Heyward, Shazier........

Third string center that can't snap. Yes we should have buried them by 30............
Maybe Mitchell is in the early stages of CTE.
or he realizes how poorly our first team D did against one of the worst QBs in all of football. 350 yards passing for the Browns QB.
The scary part is > Bill Beli-cheet and the Bradys have new film to dissect against us. This is scary... They will Gronk us to death! 

The only thing Mike Mitchell can do is,  Kick Grunk > in the junk...
(01-02-2018, 03:14 PM)Cali-Steeler Wrote: [ -> ]Kick Grunk > in the junk...

Maybe we try to cover Gronk with TJ.

Couldn't be any worse results than Davis (#28).

We can worry about that after we get there.
Yes, both teams face potential trap games in the play-offs. Nothing is guaranteed yet.
Measuring the Steeler defense year-overyear (2016 to 2017)

Opp. pass yds/gm = #5 (2016=18th)
Sacks/gm = #1 (2016=#8 incidentally, sacks were up this season in general (last year's #1 team would only be good for 4th this season)

pts/gm = #7 (2016=#10)
Opp INTs/gm = #9 (2016=#19)

rush yds/gm =#10 (2016=#8 while rush yds have come easier, gladly sacrifice this for the improved sack rate).

Saw this on anther board, thought I would share:

Butler really cut his teeth coaching linebackers under Joe Lee Dunn, who invented the 3-3-5...Dunn’s defense was high risk, but high that philosophy, every one of the 11 defenders was a possible pass rusher...

I think he’s done a remarkable job combining LeBeau’s Zone Blitz principles with Tomlin’s pass defense preferences...the last piece is this idea that anyone can rush the passer on a given down...I like the combination of disguise and aggressiveness Butler has brought to the table...8 sacks for Vince Williams (our best ILB rusher since Kendrell Bell)...4 more for a 1st year CB...heck, Joe Haden got his first sack since 2011!!

Now, he’s clearly still working out the proverbial kinks...but the Steelers have been susceptible to the big pass play.

In reality today's game is favored heavily to the offensive side of the ball. Other than the Ravens I can't think of a physical shut-down defense. perhaps Philly or the Rams would come close.